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About me
About me

I am son of retired soldier for Indian Army, mother is a home maker. My wife is partner in my company taking care of account & finance. I am father of 9 year old daughter & 2 year old son.

I am from a small village Ranjani, Kavathe-Mahankal in Sangli, Maharashtra. Though there was no real room and exposure of education and modern concepts of career were not reached to me; I was able to get out of my comfort zone. I have been living in various parts of Sangli during my education. Whenever I was exposed to a new thing; I have always been curious towards it. The urge of learning new things did not allow me to sit back. And whenever I could, I learned to challenge myself to deliver best out of me. As this became habit, success was not big word for me. Rather it was a usual thing.

Another important thing is doing mistakes! Yes, I did lot of mistakes. And I don't feel bad about it. Because, you can do mistakes only when you are trying to do something. But if you don't do anything you can't do it right or wrong. And you learn from mistakes. Now, it is important that even if you do it wrong you have to do something. And when you do a mistake; try to learn from that experience and DO NOT repeat the same mistake again!

I always try to find new opportunities but at the same time I make sure that my efforts are consistent towards whatever opportunities I have already attended. Most of the times success is not immediate thing!

I believe that we have got lots of talented people around us. However, they can't be made productive unless they are provided with right exposure, opportunity and guidance. These days everyone is in the race of getting a good job and a handsome salary package. But very few people turn towards entrepreneurship. For anyone who wants to be successful, I strongly recommend that one should analyse himself and his capabilities, then hunt for opportunities and finally strike them with right attitude and honest efforts. Then and then only he would be able to succeed in entrepreneurship. This is exactly what I did and have been doing for years. That is how I became owner of eBranding India Technologies from a salaried professor.

I believe in entrepreneurship because it gives you liberty to work free of boundaries. Whereas, in a job you are highly possible to be stagnant or might confine yourself. And limited efforts means limits to your success! So if you want unlimited success; you got to be ready to take unlimited efforts. Entrepreneurship is the way to become complete in all aspects of life. You can get more knowledge, more experiences, more people, more work, more profits and more joy in life!!!

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