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Online Marketing Online Marketing

Online marketing and branding is important because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Studies by analysts indicate that increasing numbers of consumers use internet services and research to carry out preliminary product and price research before making final decisions. Internet marketing enables you to build relations with customers and prospects through regular, low-cost personalized communication, reflecting the move away from mass marketing. Marketing products on the Internet costs less than marketing them through a physical retail outlet. Internet marketing enables you to personalize offers to customers by building a profile of their purchasing history and preferences. The information available from tracking website visits also provides data for planning cross-selling campaigns so that you can increase the value of sales by customer.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) -- including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine.
SEO can be done on various levels as selected regions (Local), National and International. And we provide it to be multilingual. We offer these services in French, Arabian, Italian etc.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) OR pay per click (PPC) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) OR pay per click (PPC):

It is the process of gaining traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. It is also called paid search and sometimes referred to as CPC (cost-per-click) or PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, because most search ads are sold on a CPC / PPC basis. This is cost effective advertisement practice, where you will have to pay only if there is a click done on you advertisement link. So you are not wasting your investment but it is being used as revenue making investment.

Social Media Optimization (SMO):
Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social media optimization (SMO) refers to the creation of online content that is likely to be shared through social networks. Social media optimization is more art than science, as it can be difficult to come up with a consistent formula for creating shareable content. That said, social media optimization is gaining importance as social sharing is increasingly being integrated into search results.
These days social media sites like face book, Twitter have largest reach to the consumer base. It is a powerful way to get the data regarding target customers and their interests. So in order to utilize this as useful and profitable tool every business should start doing social media optimization.

Blog Marketing Blog Marketing:

Blog marketing is a relatively new but effective form of internet marketing which relies on blogs as the vehicle of advertising. Because blogs are so good at attracting search engine traffic and because their format lends itself to them being updated frequently and easily, many small businesses and corporations have found blog marketing to be an ideal way to stay in touch with their customer base and increase their search engine exposure at the same time. Blog marketing is looked at as one of the cornerstones of a strong internet advertising campaign, and has additionally become an important vehicle for customer relations and public relations.

Video Marketing Video Marketing:

Showing what your customers don’t usually see is a great way to generate interest in your small or medium business through online video content. Your online audience trusts consumer reviews over any other form of marketing or advertising—so why not translate that trusted source to video? Testimonials and customer interviews make for an interesting and convincing form of video content that goes over well with Internet viewers. Also sometimes you need to educate your customers about your products or services. And video is a great way to show the product and features, help them understand the need of it.

YouTube, Netflix, Dailymotion, Metacafe and many more sites are there to offer video hosting services.

Image Marketing Image Marketing:

It is a modern marketing strategy that seeks to create awareness and positive perceptions for a brand by promoting the "image attributes" of a product or service rather than its functional attributes. Like any other form of marketing while using this method of marketing significance of the image increases like never before. In simple words, whatever is the message the image itself should be able to convey it. And this needs professional and experienced guidelines, which are provided by us. When the content is ready it is published through various image portals like Flickr, imgur, photobucket, image shack and many more.

Online PR/Reputation management:
Online PR/Reputation management

People are going to talk about your business, whether that conversation is positive or negative can come down to how involved you are in those conversations. Online reputation is quickly becoming as important, if not more so, than real world reputation since the internet makes a lasting impression and creates an ongoing record for people to view over and over again. If a business fails to cultivate a positive online image they are likely to suffer from it. Cultivating digital conversations requires proactive involvement and unique digital public relations skills with a unique optimization understanding. The open nature of the web can provide a wonderful platform to display your company as a consumer advocate or it can become a sounding board for every mistake you have ever made or at least converted to an opportunity for customer service. Find out how a positive online reputation can improve your business.

Article Marketing:
Article Marketing

It is composing articles, uploading them, and driving traffic to websites expecting to sell products, services, or opportunities. There are two benefits that you can get from article marketing. First, if you create articles with truly valuable content and upload and promote the article, you have a great likelihood that readers will follow the links that you include in that article, especially if you have a strong “call to action” near the link. Second, the links that you place in your articles can become incoming links to your site, increasing the value of your site in the eyes of the search engines. The most powerful and elusive part of SEO is creating a web of incoming links to your site, and article marketing is a fundamental part of an effective link building strategy.

Branding & Online Marketing Consultancy: Strategy, Planning and Execution:
Branding & Online Marketing Consultancy: Strategy, Planning and Execution

When it comes to entire process of Brand establishment, promotion and Online Marketing you need an expert to help you. With years of experience we can help you to effectively define your Branding and Online Marketing strategies, to plan and to execute them efficiently. We can provide end to end marketing and branding consultancy suitable to your budget, product, nature of business.

Prospective Customer Generation Marketing Prospective Customer Generation Marketing:

Any product and services in the world has its own potential and prospective customers based on various factors like Age, buying power, location, gender, time and purpose/need. If we think of your products market, potential buyers are also can found in above audience, we can decide target audience to generate prospective customers. Every prospective customer is has his own method of finding information about products based on budget, location, age etc. Very large no of people use internet to find out information about product before they buy. We use hundreds of tools to reach target audience of your products on internet.

Benefits of cost per lead advertising method:

A) Get qualified customer lead
B) Improving sales results
C) More leads = Better top line
D) Better quality leads = Better close ratio
E) Prospects opt in “Interested” leads
F) Real-time measurable results
G) Advertisers reduce risk and improve ROI

Data base sourcing for marketing Data base sourcing for marketing – from any region & of any category :

When you need any data base may, especially customers we can help you best with our huge database. You can choose and get what exactly you want. We offer wide veriety of databases with varying region, geography, gender, social status, income range and so on. When you are served with precise database the further work like education, advertising or marketing becomes much easy.

Data base sourcing for marketing Email Mass/bulk Marketing: Sending bulk emails to target audience:

Bulk email marketing refers to a form of marketing that involves sending the same, or nearly identical, message to multiple email recipients. This type of campaign requires special software and appropriate content made for this purpose. The number of recipients can range from hundreds to thousands, depending on campaign objectives. Though it is generally viewed as a direct marketing tool used by large companies, bulk email can be used by small businesses and individuals as well. Bulk emailing can be used for various objectives like promoting products or services to consumers. It can be used to reach prospective customers as well as existing clients. We can create customized content/messages targeted at different individuals or specific groups of consumers.

Viral Marketing:
Viral Marketing

In modern advertising environment like Internet or online advertising viral marketing is a type of marketing technique that relies on and encourages people to pass along a marketing message by word-of-mouth (or word-of-e-mail) marketing. Viral marketing online uses blog and social networks to produce positive word-of-mouth brand awareness. It could be a funny image or animated video. When it reaches to someone he cannot resist himself from sharing and it goes on. Most of the efforts are put into creation of the content. Because content is must be made “to be VIRAL or contagious” and it gets spread like anything. This is entirely based on human psychology of “gossiping” and we can make people talk about you!

Online Market Research: Research on the topic required for you:
Online Market Research

Online marketing research is the process by which we can use the Internet to gather data to evaluate how well a product or service is selling to consumers. The information provided by a careful market analysis conducted online can also identify popular trends that can assist a company in creating a strategy that will get better results. When used properly, online marketing research can be an effective tool that a company can use to experience higher revenues; In addition to identifying potential areas for growth.

Web Banner Advertising:
Web Banner Advertising

A web banner or banner ad is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the website of the advertiser. Such advertisement is known as a "click through." In many cases, banners are delivered by a central ad server.

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